Apology accepted (:

Yeahh he apologise and I forgive him . Tak suka laa nak marah lama lama ni . Its just not me . Gaduh teruk kott . I was like dah give up pe sume . Suppose kene pergi seminar geografi tapi malas so lepak dekat rumah opiee . And dekat sana still pikir about the same thing . Urghh sumpah rasa nak hentak je kepala ni kat dinding . Balik rumah jee , on phone then dapat message dari dia . Dia terangkan everything and ohh he make me fall for him again and again . Malam tu gayut like 2 jam . Ahhhhhhhhhh i love you awak !

Im Not Happy

Its been a while since my last post . Being busy with my studies . Trial is just around the corner . Gahh im fucking stressed out -______-' Hmm im not happy exactly . My love life sucks man ! Everyday I keep thinking about the same thing . We arent like we used to be . Its like everything has change and I dont like the change . There's this girl and blablabla . It looks like my beloved raja noor faiz has change . His attitude , hiss ..arghh all about him . I dont know what the fucking hell has happend to him . Each time we text each other , it will end with a fucking shit conversation . Gaduh sana sini and I will be blamed . And its always me yang kene mengalah . Erghhh this is so not fair awak ! Like last night . I was like " YEAHH RAJA TEXT" then kau merepek apa tah sampai aku marah . Gah apahal doh ? I need you . And I miss you . This past few days , we are like falling apart which I try to avoid all this time . Why ? Is there anything that i dont know ? If yes , do tell me . Who am i to you ? Everything i do reminds me of you . Reminds me of us . And bila ingat kita macam ni , it hurts a lot .
IM NOT HAPPY -__________-

10 JULY 2009

" Hey four minutes more to our anniversary . HAPPY ANNIVERSARY . Hope to be forever with you . I love you Intan Nursyazana "

" Raja Noor Faiz , You're the peanut to my butter . You're the ice to my cream . You're the gheto to my body . Me without you is like a snickers without laces . A geek without bracess . HAPPY ANNIVERSARY , I love you so much . With all my heart "

Goodbye SURAYA YAZID :((

From all of us :

SYANA : Sueeeeeee , we gonna miss you like hell dohh . WHY WHY WHY ? Hmm :( Take good care of yourself tau tau ?

YUYIN : haha,anything?noww i dont have a mood to wrote about it but suraya,i will always love you andd i always do.dont you ever forget us.Anddandd we gonna miss you like everyday lady,take care my darling.


surayott aku akn rindu kau doe..
hope kau x kn lupe kn kite semue ohh..
coss kiteorg semue sygg and chintan kau doee.. haha. hope jugak kau bleh jge diri kau elok kat sne.. GOODBYE sygg :) ILOVEYOUU :)

All About You ,

You own me again . The guy that had me since 27/12/2007 . For me , he's my true love . No matter how far i ran , but at the end i will end up with him in my life . He understands me . He knows how i feel . He knows what i want and what i think . We kinda like have this persamaan . Yeahh yeahh i admitt , there's a lot of guys before and after you and yeah i admitt again , i cant afford to love them as much as i love you . I've told you before right ? I LOVE YOU , SO MUCH . I need your trust to make us remain this way forever . 10/06/2009 is the day when we fall for each other again and on that day , i've promised to myself that i wont hurt you again , not once . I know that you're feeling the same thing as i am because i can feel it each time when you say i love you sayangg . Maybe its just only four words but it mean so much to me . Boy , i wanna spent my whole life with you by my side . Can i , Raja Noor Faiz Raja Nooraizat ?

Lost in my own world


I felt really really lost now . I was crying all night long last night with no one by my side . Chatting with my beloved brother , Renny Mark Chris . Luah everything , luah apa apa yang patut . He gave his opinion and my tears keep roll down my face . I felt like i'm an idiot . Im not hopping for anything last night accept for someone . Someone that can borrow me their shoulder for me to cry . Thanks for always being there for me , renny .

Dropdead Gorgeous Girlfriend

What yuyin says about naaa :)

So here we go,this is Intan NurSyazana And she's My Best Girlfriend. Grr,she's a kind,gorgeous,amazing,nice,love able,intelligent,funny,cute,pretty and kene bahan girl. Taken with her beloved Boyf,'Epie' budakk yang tak beberapa matang. Whatever You Do and Wherever You Go,I will Always Love You No Matter What Happen :)
Truly Yuyin